Wouldn't you die?
Girl: Hey (:
Boy: Hi
Girl: Whats up?
Boy: Nothing.
Girl: Sounds like fun!
Boy: Yep.
Girl: Wanna know something?
Boy: Sure.
Girl: Every kiss begins with K <3
Boy: Too bad ugly begins with U.
just beinn a teeeen (:

just beinn a teeeen (:

i love it when i buy a bag of air and the company is nice enough to put some chips in it.
she&#8217;s beautiful. she&#8217;s also my best friend &lt;333 you and me bud (:

she’s beautiful. she’s also my best friend <333 you and me bud (:

you cry and cry, and we live, and we learn, and we try and try and try and try, so its up to you and its up to me that we meet in the mddle on our way back down to earth
Justin Bieber